Our Volunteers

Meet our fantastic KHRC volunteers!

The most valuable resource at club are our friendly volunteers who are passionate about supporting club running. They give their energy and time to make the magic happen! Many started as beginners with club so understand first time nerves – because they once felt them too.

If you are interested in volunteering with club then please send a message to our volunteer email

You can meet our Mental Health Champions here: Mental Health Champions

Our Volunteers Say:

“I have gained so much in my life through running. I want to inspire others to get into running. I love seeing people improve, often beyond their expectations.”

“It’s brilliant seeing beginners progress and then seeing them on a 4 mile whole club run.”

“It’s good to know that runners keep coming back to club and make club running a habit because of the support and friendliness they’ve received – and that’s exactly how I got hooked too. That’s what motivates me to volunteer now – to give back.”