Running with KHRC is free, although anyone over 18 can join to enjoy the benefits of full membership.

All new members pay the club subscription of £46, which includes a club running vest or running T shirt as well as annual payment to England Athletics, for a licence and registration number.
Membership renewal cost £27 without kit, or £46 for new members, which includes kit.
Membership runs from April to March. You can join at any time but whenever you join, your membership will need renewing at the end of March.

Men's Vest and T shirt
Men’s Vest and T shirt

Women's Vest and T shirt
Women’s Vest and T shirt

Membership Benefits

Members benefit from discounted entry to many races, and free entry to some club events.  It also provides funds for the club to cover running costs, equipment, venues for social events, the website, training and sending club members on run leaders’ courses.

Club members receive discounts from

Paid-up members are eligible to participate in the Road Relay and Cross Country events we enter.

All members are eligible for nomination for the committee, and for attendance at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership is subject to approval by the committee.

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