Anyone over 18 can join to enjoy the benefits of full membership to KHRC.

Membership (first time joiners and renewals) for 2023-24 costs £31. Membership runs from April to March. You can join at any time but whenever you join, your membership will need renewing at the end of March. If cost is significant barrier to your participation then we also have the option to pay in instalments, please read our FAQs on this below.

Membership is subject to approval by the committee.

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Membership FAQ

KHRC has paid membership and the option to run for free as a trial runner for 21 days before making a decision to join. We strongly believe in removing barriers to participating in running where possible. One of those barriers is cost. If you can’t afford membership in one amount, you can pay in instalments. This FAQ explains where your money goes.


I can’t afford to pay membership in one go. Do I have to say why? Do I have to pay to run with you?

You don’t have to. And we won’t ask why. Your circumstances are confidential and anything you disclose to a member of committee will be confidential within Committee. You have the option to pay in instalments. Please email us at


Can I run with you before I decide to join?

Yes, you can be a trial runner for 21 days. It’s all explained here: FAQs.
Before joining us on a run, please remember to fill out the Trial Runner Registration Form


I’m on the To 5k and Beyond programme for beginners – 13 weeks – do I have to pay membership first? Or after a few weeks?

The programme is free throughout. You can decide whether you’d like to join club afterwards. If financial hardship applies see Q1. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for when the next programme starts.


I’ve paid my membership – how do I run with you?

Thank you so much for joining us. Find out how to go on a KHRC run here: FAQs


When should I pay?

The membership payment year runs ‪from April 1st‬ to the following March 31st – but if you join at any time you will benefit from discounts and the opportunity to purchase club kit straight away.


Where does my membership money go?

To England Athletics and to KHRC.


What goes to EA? How do I benefit?

  • £17 goes to our governing body England Athletics (EA) to affiliate you individually to EA as a club athlete. You get ‘affiliated member’ discounts on race entries and discounts in running/outdoor gear shops such as Up&Running. If you enter EA registered races and buy running gear the discounts soon mount up and could be equivalent or exceed your contribution to club funds- a saving to you. Your membership has to be current to validate the discounts- retail outlets will need to see proof of membership, EA will automatically check your EA number for race entries.
  • An annual club subscription fee to England Athletics. This gives us registered club status which includes payment of Public Liability Insurance, access to specialised legal advice and club support from a regional Club Support Manager. Without Public Liability Insurance there could not be a running club or runs.
  • The rest goes to club funds.


What are club funds spent on? How do I benefit?

  • Training of volunteers to LiRF/CiRF (leader/coach in running fitness) qualification level so that club runs are insured and all runners benefit from led or coached training sessions. All sessions are open to any runner without additional cost (except track at Fox Hollies- runners pay an amount to the centre for track use) and include ‪Thursday night‬ intervals, Saturday Cross Country training, fartlek/core/interval training on other days of the week, To 5k and Beyond and the 5k to 10k programme. Without the money to fund LiRF/CiRF club runs, led/coached sessions could not take place.
  • Venue hire and associated costs for events including prizes, trophies, medals, certificates, DJ etc at the AGM, Awards Night, Quiz Night, Club socials, Volunteer socials.
  • Running the website and associated costs.
  • Affiliation fees to Warwickshire Athletic Association, Birmingham Cross Country League and Midland Cross Country League.
  • Training of club volunteers to become qualified officials for competitive events where we compete.
  • Equipment and clothing: volunteer hi-vis vests, head torches and batteries for winter To 5k and Beyond programmes, stopwatches, cones, lanterns and batteries, club tents – initial purchase and then repair/replacement when necessary.
  • Club kit samples.
  • Training for club Mental Health Champions.
  • Other costs, for example: Club purchased the pacer vests for Cannon Hill parkrun and made a donation to the start up costs for a new parkrun in Birmingham, Club flags.

Expenditure is at the discretion of the Committee, accounts for the previous year are made available at the AGM.


What are the additional benefits of paid membership?

  • You are entitled to wear the club vest/T-shirt in races and at parkruns. Membership has to be current to continue that entitlement.
  • You can attend and vote at the Club AGM, put resolutions to the AGM and stand for Committee.
  • You can represent Club at Cross Country races.
  • You can have an individual training plan devised by a club coach.
  • You are eligible to participate in the Lions Leaderboard competition which rewards improvement.


What do other running clubs in Birmingham offer? How does KHRC’s membership compare to other clubs?

You’re spoilt for choice for running clubs in Birmingham. The membership costs and club programmes are on every club website. It’s a great idea to research different options and perhaps try out more than one club before you decide who to affiliate to. And if that turns out to be KHRC – thank you so much for choosing us!


Do you have a question that isn’t covered here? Email ‪‬ and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Thank you, KHRC Committee 2023.