UK Athletics Certified


The Club’s Coaches

KHRC has four CiRF qualified coaches. Our coaches are available to advise individual club members on their training and races.

Paul Daymond

I have been running with the club since 2011 and coaching since 2016. I enjoy both leading group sessions as well as 1:1 coaching. I have a special interest in helping runners achieve time related goals. I focus a lot on speed and speed endurance interval training, some of which is track based. Alongside that, I also focus on technique and running efficiency – as good running technique not only helps runners to achieve faster times, more importantly it can help prevent injuries.
Therefore my coached sessions will always include an emphasis on a particular area (arms, hips etc) and will include specific running drills and strength based exercise recommendations for the given area.

Mike Green

I have a special interest in Cross Country, Trail and off-road running. I’m a big fan of parkrun and enjoy helping people improve their 5K times. I take a holistic view to running and am interested in how it supports people’s mental health and general well being, and how it can fit successfully into lives that are often stressed and busy. 

Lee Gregory

I have only been running since 2014 and started with KHRC, so it always has a special significance for me. Quite early on I started to volunteer and soon set up the 5k and beyond programme, a bi-annual 13 week programme which takes new runners up to 5k and then to 4 miles. The success of this programme resulted in my gaining both the run leader and coaching qualifications and I regularly offer group coaching sessions around core strength and conditioning as well as speed work. I have also developed personal programmes for a range of club runners so have helped people get to their first 5k, 10k, half and full marathon but also those able runners looking to get faster times. I continue to offer a range of coaching sessions and am always keen to work with runners achieve their running goals.

Julie Evans

Being too embarrassed to run down the road, let alone join a club, I began running on a treadmill at home about 10 years ago. Eventually I made it out into the big outdoors and entered my first 10k and the Birmingham half marathon. Having always stopped running through the winter I thought it might be a good idea to join a club. I met some lovely people and it was refreshing to have a social side to all that sweat and effort. While volunteering with beginners and as a tail runner, I completed the LiRF course. With so many people coming into the club with a variety of needs I began to consider that coaching might be another level to aspire to and completed the CiRF qualification in 2019. Personally I love trail running, in beautiful places such as the Lake District, Snowdonia, and the Highlands, and recently ventured into the world of triathlon having added swimming and cycling to my weekly activities but still searching out those events in wilder areas – the views help to take your mind off the fatigue ?. There is a particular satisfaction in seeing those people who doubt themselves (as I did and frequently still do) achieve more than they thought possible and I hope to contribute to the running journeys of others as a CiRF at KHRC.