UK Athletics Certified

KHRC has four CiRF qualified coaches. Our coaches offer regular sessions on Thursday evenings and Weekdays and are available to advise individual club members on their training and races.


In each Calendar month –

  • First Thursday Short Intervals with Paul
  • Second Thursday Progression run with Mike, and Hill reps with Ian
  • Third Thursday Long Intervals
  • Fourth Thursday Hell Reps with Ian

Paul Daymond

I have been running with the club since 2011 and coaching since 2016. I enjoy both leading group sessions as well as 1:1 coaching. I have a special interest in helping runners achieve time related goals. I focus a lot on speed and speed endurance interval training, some of which is track based. Alongside that, I also focus on technique and running efficiency – as good running technique not only helps runners to achieve faster times, more importantly it can help prevent injuries.
Therefore my coached sessions will always include an emphasis on a particular area (arms, hips etc) and will include specific running drills and strength based exercise recommendations for the given area.

Mike Green

I run the Men’s Cross Country Team and have a special interest in Cross Country, Trail and off-road running. I’m a big fan of parkrun and enjoy helping people improve their 5K times. I take a holistic view to running and am interested in how it supports people’s mental health and general well being, and how it can fit successfully into lives that are often stressed and busy. 

Lee Gregory

Ian Mackenzie

Hi I’m Ian and as you might often hear me reminding people I haven’t always been a runner. Starting out in 2010, I’m now one of the longest standing members of club and a self taught runner from my first 100 metres to 100 miles. I’ve found lots of things that work for me and some that don’t – and I enjoy sharing this with others who are curious about running and willing to try new things. My coached sessions tend to work on form as I believe a smooth, relaxed and efficient running style is achievable by all and it’s never too early – or late – too learn. I can advise on endurance training from my own experience (couch to GFA marathoner) and am particularly keen to work with runners who want to improve their marathon times. I’m a bit of a kit nerd and follow a vegan diet – so feel free to ask me about these things too.