Weekly Runs

Running with KHRC is free and easy!

All new runners need to do is complete a short information form when they come to their first run. There’s no pre-booking and no commitment – just turn up and run!

You can find the form here.

Tuesday Runs All Runners

KHRC's Winter route B - Allen's Croft route
Winter route B – Allen’s Croft route
KHRC's Winter route A - Feck Hill route
Winter route A – Feck Hill route


Our main club run is on Tuesday evening. We have different meeting spots and run routes in the Spring- Summer and in the Autumn-Winter. From 11th September  we are using the Winter routes.  We meet at Colmore School, Grove Road, at 6.50 pm, ready to run at 7 pm. New Runners should arrive by 6:45 p.m. for a Welcome briefing.

Everyone runs the same 4 mile route – we alternate between two different routes.  We set off in pace groups from 14 minutes a mile to 6.5 minutes a mile, so there will be people to run with at your pace.

Summer Route A
Summer Route A
Summer Route B
Summer Route B

For people not yet ready to do 4 miles at 14 minutes a mile or faster, including absolute

beginners, we hold a separate beginners session at the same time. This session is based upon the requirements of those who attend.



Saturday Beginner’s Session Beginners

We meet in Kings Heath Park at 9:50am, near the Avenue Road car park.

This beginners’ session is based upon the requirements of those who attend, including

absolute beginners. Even if you can’t yet run a step, A run leader will look after you in this session and gradually build your ability.

Thursday Runs Intermediate

We meet at 6.50 pm, ready to run at 7 pm.  Different kinds of run happen on Thursday:  coached sessions, hill sessions, rep sessions, and 10k runs might be on offer. These sessions tend to suit people with a little bit of experience of running and of the club – so for your first run with the club, you’re best to come along on a Tuesday or a Saturday.

All you need is a pair of trainers. If you want further advice on options for running shoes and what to wear, we’ll be pleased to give it to you, but for your first runs just wear what you’ve got. A high–vis or light-coloured top is extremely useful for our winter evening runs.

You don’t need to prebook – just come along, tell us you’re new and we’ll soon make you feel at home.

You don’t need to pay – Joining the club is always optional. You can run with us, for free, for as long as you like.

If you want to run with someone outside of our regular sessions, post to our Facebook group. Our members regularly post up runs that they’d like to do, inviting people to join them. Just post to our Facebook group saying what distance you’d like to do, at what sort of speed, and when, and someone will probably want to join you.