What Do Our Runners Say About KHRC?

“I’m always going to be a beginner and I’m more than happy with that because I’m treated the same as an ultra-runner, with dignity, integrity, respect, and friendship.”

“Kings Heath Running Club is invaluable to me. Having always hated running, when I moved to Kings Heath I found myself feeling isolated and lacking motivation to get active. I started the couch to 5k programme on my own, and then braved a beginners’ running group with KHRC. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made, both for my mental and physical health.”

“I joined Kings Heath Running Club after years of unsuccessfully trying to ‘get into’ running. Before long I got ‘the bug’ and have since thrown myself into twice weekly club runs, parkrun, half marathons, cross country running and more. My children now participate in regular Junior parkruns. It’s a common story – when people find their people they build their confidence, improve their fitness, find a support network. Club is all of these things to me and it’s genuinely been a game changer for my physical and mental health.”

“I joined the club and could not run at all before I started. Today I did an 18 mile training run for this year’s London Marathon. If it was not for the club I would never achieved what I did today, they have coached me to reach this level.“

“Being too embarrassed to run down the road, let alone join a club, I began running on a treadmill at home about 10 years ago. Eventually I made it out into the big outdoors and entered my first 10k and the Birmingham half marathon. Having always stopped running through the winter I thought it might be a good idea to join a club. I met some lovely people and it was refreshing to have a social side to all that sweat and effort!”

“I feel like I’ve found my tribe. I love the support and energy that keeps me motivated, the feeling of community. I’m so inspired by the efforts and achievements of other runners. It took me a while to think of myself as a runner but now it’s a part of my identity. The club is a massive part of that. I never thought I’d join a running club either – I’m so glad I did. And the kit looks fantastic – I love wearing the lion!”

“When I turned 50 I decided to try a few fitness activities in a half hearted effort to keep fit. I joined the 5K and Beyond programme that Kings Heath Running Club were offering, expecting to lose interest and give it up after a few weeks but unexpectedly the opposite happened. The enthusiasm and support of the run leaders and volunteers rubbed off on me and I began to really enjoy running.
I’m not a “people person” and not especially good at small talk but suddenly every Thursday I was looking forward to running and chatting again with others in the group and the club members who had volunteered to help. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. Despite not originally planning to I joined the club and haven’t regretted doing so at any point since. I completed 5K and beyond and joined the club, since then I have built up to running 10k events and developed a love for Saturday morning parkruns, setting my alarm for 8am every Saturday morning to run round Cannon Hill Park and say hello to other club members – I never thought I would be doing that.
KHRC is really inclusive and there is no pressure on you to go beyond the level you want to – the club arrange runs at all sorts of distances and paces plus various training events, whatever you aim for and no matter what your pace and ability you will find the support and company to achieve it with no pressure to do any more than you want to do.
Fast forward 2 years and to my amazement I am having a go at representing the club at cross country for the first time. I was running up and down muddy fields in Crewe and having the time of my life (that’s what I say now, it was hard work at the time). I will never be a fast runner so most runners had long since finished and I had accepted the fact I was going to cross the finish line by myself – but as I came round the final bend to the finish line I was met by a crescendo of shouts and cheers of encouragement from the rest of the club, who despite finishing way before me, had waited to cheer me over the finish line. I crossed it with the biggest smile you will ever see on my face and a massive sense of achievement – and I would say that single moment sums the club up – the fact I was slower than most other runners didn’t matter, they were all there to support me in what I had done, regardless of the time it had taken me.
I really recommend trying running with KHRC, who knows what you will achieve and how many new friends you will make.”